Kelly Clarkson Just Released a New Song I Dare You in 6 Different Languages

  • Kelly Clarkson released a new song, “I Dare You,” which she recorded in English, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Spanish, and German.
  • She called the multilingual project her “favorite thing” she’s ever done but also “the hardest.”

    Kelly Clarkson has a challenge for you: Choose love.

    The singer just released a new song, “I Dare You,” which she says is all about “choosing to love instead of fear.” To spread her powerful message worldwide, the Voice coach and talk show host recorded alternate versions of the ballad in five different languages. Each rendition is a duet which features Kelly singing alongside a different international artist, including Faouzia (Arabic), Zaz (French), Maya Buskila (Hebrew), Blas Cantó (Spanish) and Glasperlenspiel (German).

    In an appearance on the Today show on Thursday, Kelly told host Hoda Kotb that this isn’t the first time she’s performed in other languages. In fact, she grew up singing opera in German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin.

    “So I always had the idea to do this as a project in my career but I never really had the song that I felt like fit with it, nor did I have the team that really would back the idea,” she said.

    “The message [of “I Dare You”] was perfect,” Kelly continued. “I thought it was kind of globally connecting, and I wanted to do that musically.”

    Although Kelly said she’s been working on the song for more than a year, she chose to release it now to help spread love and hope amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

    “We were going to shelve it for a minute, but I thought, maybe people need this message today,” she said.

    Kelly also took to her Instagram to share a powerful “global mega-mix” version of the song featuring her five collaborators, Faouzia, Zaz, Maya Buskila, Blas Cantó, and Glasperlenspiel.

    In a video introducing the mega-mix, Kelly explains, “This song is about love and all its forms, in the face of adversity. Choosing to love instead of fear.” In the caption, she shared that the making of the song proved to be an intense experience. “Recording my new single was an incredibly hard and humbling process,” she said.

    “I’m proud that the singers from all over the world sang with me on this track,” she adds. “I love all the different languages and actually listen to those more than the English version.”

    As for us, we love them all!

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