Kelly Clarkson Says She Wants “Out” Of ‘The Voice’ After This Dramatic Audition

  • The Voice contestant Jon Mullins just joined Team Blake during the Blind Auditions.
  • Jon called Blake Shelton “the king” and the other coaches did not react well.
  • Kelly Clarkson said she wants “out” of the competition now.

    A contestant on The Voice just gave Blake Shelton a big compliment—and the other coaches were *not* having it.

    After Jon Mullins performed Andy Grammar’s “Don’t Give Up On Me” during the Blind Auditions, Blake was the only one to turn his chair. The hopeful singer automatically earned a spot on his team and was clearly grateful for Blake’s vote of confidence, explaining that the past three years of his life have been “heartbreaking and crazy” due to his wife’s health issues.

    “Just being here and being on the team of the king, it just literally…I’m so just so excited to be here,” Jon said.

    While Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Nick Jonas were happy that Jon made it on to the show, they definitely did not agree with his comment about Blake being “the king.”

    “Oh my God. I’m out, I’m out,” Kelly said, getting up from her chair. “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, bro! It’s tainted!”

    John quickly offered a correction to the title, saying Blake is the “former king.” (After all, he hasn’t coached a winner since season 13!)

    When the crowd started chanting “King Blake,” it became too much for even Nick to handle.

    “Jon Mullins ruined all of our lives by calling Blake the king,” the newcomer said.

    The coaches were probably being a little dramatic about the whole situation, but one thing is for sure: Blake is never going to let them live this down. 😂

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