Kitchen Tips: 5 Surprising Ways Kitchen Tongs Can Be Used Other Than Just Serving Food

Kitchen tongs can one useful tool in the kitchen.


  • Tongs are used to serve foods like dimsums and noodles.
  • There are many other ways you can use this kitchen tool.
  • Here are some interesting ways you can use kitchen tongs.

Foods like dimsums, sushi and noodles are best served with a pair of tongs to make it easier to lift them from serving tray and flopping down on your plate. The tight grip of the tongs helps holding the foods tightly, which are too slippery to pick with a fork, spoon or even with your hands. But, that’s not the only benefit you can get out of this kitchen tool. You can put your tongs to good use in several other ways. Here are some ideas of how to use kitchen tongs other than lifting food.

5 Ways You Can Use Your Kitchen Tongs

1. Upend And Flip While Cooking

The same pair of tongs you intend to serve your noodles with, can be used to cook it as well. When you boil noodles or cook it with other ingredients, flipping and upending it on the stove becomes easier with tongs. Not just noodles, you can use tongs to take out dimsums from the steamer or turn and cook your spaghetti and meats as well. Tongs can also be used to lift foods like potatoes from boiling water.

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Use tongs to boil and cook noodles, potatoes etc. 

2. Toss Salad

Salad is all about combining the ingredients and spices in a bowl and mixing together. Making salad is fairly easy but you can make it easier by using tongs to toss the salad along with other foods to mix thoroughly.

3. Pick Packets Stored At A Height

Not all of us are tall enough to reach the top shelf of cabinets to pick food packs and other objects. Just grab them with a pair of tongs, slide them, pick them and get them down easily.

4. Hold Hot Pots

All your pans and pots don’t come with heat-resistant handles. Using kitchen cloth is not really safe to hold the pot while stirring or lift the pot from the stove. Use two pairs of tongs with strong grip and use them as two handles to do the job with ease.

5. Cook, Then Clean And Grease The Grill

In between cooking more than one batch of foods on a grill, you can use tongs to clean the grill rods and even grease them again for the next batch. Avoid taking your hands near the rods and risk touching the grill. Place a clean towel between the tips of the tong and reach the grill from a safe distance.

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Do you now realise how useful that pair of tongs can be in your kitchen? Please share your comments below.

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