Kolkatas Innovative Corona Sandesh Goes Viral On Social Media. Would You Try It?

Coronavirus Sandesh is the innovation of a sweet shop in West Bengal.


  • A sweet shop owner devised a new way of spreading Covid-19 awareness
  • The shop came up with a Corona ‘Sandesh’
  • They are being distributed for free along with a pamphlet on the disease

People come up with innovative solutions to spread awareness by themselves for the good of the community at large. A sweet shop in Kolkata, West Bengal, has devised one such way to enlighten people about the novel Coronavirus pandemic. As per the government, they are allowed to operate for four hours a day and they have used that time to their advantage to help people stay informed. The sweet makers at Hindustan Sweets have tweaked their most-selling favourite Bengali sweet ‘Sandesh’ and gave it the shape of the virus. The special Corona Sandesh is made with a deep red colour and some spikes too, making it look like a striking resemblance to the novel Coronavirus.

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In a generous gesture by the sweet shop owners, they have decided to give out the Corona Sandesh for free to every customer who comes to their premises. Thus, the eccentric sweet is not technically being sold in the Hindustan Sweets. They are also distributing pamphlets containing important information on Covid-19 with each order for sweets that they get.

“We have made sandesh and cupcakes in the shape of coronavirus. We are aiming at raising awareness among people on the disease and lift their spirits, and not to make any profit out of it. The sandesh and cupcakes have become very popular among customers,” said the owner of Hindustan Sweets, Rabin Pal to PTI.

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The internet erupted with memes and hilarious reactions to the intriguing Corona Sandesh. Some users said that it was an interesting and sweet afterthought to the previously viral ‘Corona Pakoda’. Others said that it was ‘too much’ and an ‘insane idea’. Take a look at some of the reactions:

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