Kroger Has New Bright Orange Ooh La Llama Ice Cream That’s Packed With Sweet Swirls

Kroger is really on a roll with the snacks! Just as we finished a container of Mermaid Sparkle Ice Cream and pack of Sparkly Unicorn Cookies, we have a new frozen treat to get our hands on. Head to the freezer aisle, because Kroger has introduced a deluxe Ooh La Llama Ice Cream!

The bright orange treat is made up of “fruity flavored ice cream with a punch of sweet swirls & candy bits.” It doesn’t specify what kind of fruit is in there, but we’re betting it’ll be super refreshing on a hot day. Plus, how can you go wrong with red sweet swirls throughout the ice cream? Finish it off with the multicolored candy bits, and you have a dessert worth a try.

The 48-ounce container is listed on the website for Food 4 Less, a grocery store owned by Kroger. It was recently spotted in Kroger by The Impulsive Buy, so it doesn’t look like you have to wait to try it yourself … which is good, because who has the patience for that?

Llamas, mermaids, and unicorns have been taking over the snack game for quite a while, and Kroger has taken on all three of them. Its Unicorn Swirl ice cream has a cake batter base and the Mermaid Sparkle starts with cotton candy-flavored ice cream. The Ooh La Llama flavor has a completely different base, so it’ll be a fun taste test to see how it compares!

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