Lindt’s New Dulce De Leche Truffles Are So Creamy And Full Of Caramel Flavor

New Lindt truffle flavor alert! The chocolate makers are making us salivating just looking at the pictures of its new Dulce de Leche flavor. Can you really go wrong with a bite that takes on a caramel taste?

Classic dulce de leche, which translates to ”sweet milk,” is a Latin American confection that is made by slowly heating sweetened milk to change the color and create a sauce. It develops a caramel flavor, so it’s ideal to use in a range of desserts. In this case, that dessert has inspired these creamy truffles.

The new Lindt Dulce de Leche truffles have a milk chocolate shell with a creamy dulce de leche center. They were spotted at Target in February by Instagram account @snackgator, but they were recently seen on shelves this month by The Impulsive Buy. There’s no indication that this is a limited-edition truffle, which is ideal because we tend to grow attached to treats. We can’t help it.

Luckily, the truffles are available to be delivered right to your house, thanks to Target. You can snag a 6-ounce bag for $4.79.

Although we have plenty of time on our hands to bake all the goodies, no one does chocolate quite like Lindt, so we plan to order a few bags. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire us to make our own dulce de leche?

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