Take a look at this cute little girl and her viral video.


  • This little girl was trying to sneak a packet of snacks from her kitchen
  • She got caught in the act and then pretended to sleep
  • Her adorable video is going viral on the internet

We are often faced with the urge to binge on our favourite snacks – whether it is a simple bag of chips or some sweet biscuits. Although we may end up eating more than our fair share, it’s just something we can’t resist! A little girl residing in Connecticut, USA, was seen in a video making an attempt to stealthily grab some snacks from her kitchen. When she got caught in the act by her mom, her hilarious response got everyone on the internet smiling. Take a look at the viral video:

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The video was originally shared by the girl’s mother, Christina I. Thomas, on Facebook. It soon went viral garnering millions of views, likes, comments and shares. The little girl’s video found its way to Twitter where it has received five million views and counting, as well as nearly 320k likes and 83k retweets. The little girl closed her eyes and pretended to sleep when her mother caught her sneaking in some snacks. The mother chided her and asked her to put the snacks back. When she exclaimed, “I can see you,” was when the girl finally opened her eyes with a smile.

People loved the adorable little girl and her antics just to get hold of her favourite snack. Twitterati also appreciated how she got what she wanted by holding on to it till the very end. Netizens laughed at the video and found it super cute. Others related to her urge to snack and wrote, “Needing a snack should be allowed and not considered stealing.” Take a look at some reactions:

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What’s the maximum extent you have gone to in order to get your favourite snack? Tell us in the comments below as we’d love to read!

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