Lockdown Cooking: Craving For Something Junk? This Crispy Aloo-Jeera Wrap Can Be A Perfect Evening Snacks

Evenings are the time when we feel like having some tit-bits, some sinful indulgences. Imagine that plate of chaat or samosas or momos you crave for every other day! But due to the country-wide lockdown and social distancing, it has become impossible for everyone to step out of houses. Hence, several people are trying their hands on cooking different dishes to add spice to lives. On that note, everyone has to keep in mind that smart usage of the kitchen ingredients is the need of the hour, so that the items last for a longer time.

Keeping these in mind, we bring you a lip-smacking dish that can easily be made with the left-over aloo-jeera at home. It is called ‘Crispy Aloo-Jeera Wrap’. It can also be made with any dry sabzi (veg, non-veg) you have at home.

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Here’s The Recipe For Crispy Aloo-Jeera Wrap:


Maida (all-purpose flour)- one cup

Salt- as per taste

Powdered milk- one tablespoon

Ajwain (carom seeds)- one teaspoon

Egg- two

Aloo jeera- one small bowl (click here for aloo-jeera recipe)

Refined oil- to deep fry

Water- half cup

Mayonnaise/any spread of your choice


Take the maida, salt, powdered milk, ajwain in a bowl and dry mix all of them.

Whisk the egg well and add to the mix.

Add refined oil and water and mix all of them together.

Mix together until you get a dosa-like batter.

Now, heat a pan, brush some oil on it.

Pour some batter and spread well in a round-ish shape. Cook on a medium flame.

After two minutes, flip and cook the other side.

Take the thin pan-cake like soft rotis on a plate.

Now, spread mayonnaise or any spread of your choice on the roti.

Add aloo-jeera as filling in the centre of the roti. If you want some extra spice, add chopped onion, green chilli, lemon and black pepper to it, but that’s absolutely optional.

Now, cover the sides and make it in square shapes.

Take enough oil in a kadhai and heat it well.

Slowly put the wraps and deep fry them.

If you are satisfied with the colour of the wrap, take it out on a plate.

Serve it with chutney or ketchup.

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Try this aloo-jeera wrap at home and let us know your feedback. Enjoy!

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