Lockdown Recipes: Try These Easy 5-Minute Snack Recipes For Those Untimely Cravings

These 5 quick snacks can be made at home in no time.


  • No time for cooking even during lockdown?
  • Make these quick and easy snacks for mid-day cravings.
  • These snacks can be made in 5 minutes, or less.

If you think this lockdown has left us with insane amount of free time, it’s not true for all. Picture this – your stomach is growling but there’s no time to make a meal? We have all been there! We could be in the middle of some important office project or your kids are not leaving you alone, or your TV or Netflix show is at a gripping juncture, we just can’t afford to spare enough time for cooking. For all those of you who are smart enough to believe in quick-fixes, these recipe ideas are just for you!

These quick and easy recipes are perfect to rest your mid-day or in-between-the-meals hunger, and can be made in just 5 mins or less!

Here Are 5 Snacks That You Can Make In 5 Minutes:

1. Roasted Makhana

This is the simplest and also the healthiest quarantine snack you can make. Makhana or fox nuts are a low-cal, low-cholesterol food, which are also rich in protein. Just roast makhanas on a pan in some ghee and spices of your choice. The puffy, airy, spicy bites will make you forget about popcorns.

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Roasted makhanas make for perfect evening munchies. 

2. Potato Chips

Make homemade potato chips in all of 5 minutes. Just slice some potatoes into thin slices and fry them in oil. Sprinkle chaat masla, chilli flakes and salt, and dip them in tomato sauce and then in in your mouth. Don’t forget to make a bowlful of them so that you don’t have to get up again to make another batch.

3. Cheese Toast

Nothing can be quicker and tastier that this. Just place a slice of cheese in between two bread slices. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper and close the sandwich. Toast the sandwich with some butter on a pan or in a toaster.

4. Mac And Cheese

Yes, the fabulous meal of mac n cheese can be made in 5 minutes in a microwave! If you haven’t tried to cook it at home yet, do it now. Microwave macaroni with water for about 2 minutes, then again with cheese and milk. Voila! You cheesy Mac and Cheese is ready!

5. Trail Mix

Throw in all the nuts and seeds you like along with dry fruits in a pan. Dry roast them or add some ghee. Add in some salt and chilli as well. Take it off the stove, put in a bowl, and that’s it. Drizzle some lemon juice for a tinge of sourness and freshness.

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trail mix

You can incorporate different seeds and nuts to make your own trail mix. 

Want something cheesy or something spicy or something healthy – these recipes can cater to all kinds of cravings. Happy snacking!

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