Love Chocolate Chip Cookies? TikTok User Shows How To Eat It For Breakfast

Love Chocolate Chip Cookies? TikTok User Shows How To Eat It For Breakfast

Cookie cereal is the latest spinoff to the pancake cereal.


  • After pancakes, TikTok user has made chocolate chip cookies as cereal
  • The viral video is now showing an easy recipe of how to make it at home
  • The delicious breakfast food trend is now spilling over to Instagram too

What’s way better than chocolate chip cookies as dessert? Mini cookie cereal for breakfast. In case you have a sweet tooth and often crave for a sugar rush in your meals, the mini chocolate chip cookie cereal is just what you need. The hottest food trend is actually a spinoff from another trending recipe on TikTok, that is, the pancake cereal. This recipe basically replaces miniature pancakes with tiny chocolate chip cookies and makes it into a cereal. If you’re still wondering how to go about making it, take a look at the viral video on TikTok, which shows its recipe.


##duet with @justinmschuble oops I did it again! I think this batch turned out even better ##MakeBakeShake##cookiecereal##learnfromme##pancakecereal

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Justin M Schuble is the TikTok user behind this ingenious food trend. The best part about making chocolate chip cookie dough into a cereal is that it is easily available at home. Cookie dough can be purchased from a local grocery store, or made with readily accessible ingredients such as refined flour, butter and sugar.

The preparation for cookie cereal was quite simple as he took the dough and chopped it into tiny squares. Then, he rolled each dough bit into a ball and baked it to prepare several miniature chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were combined with milk and served fresh. The TikTok trend has begun spilling over to Instagram as well, with several Instagram users trying to make the cookie cereal at home with surprisingly delicious results. Take a look:

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Whether this trend will go viral like the Dalgona coffee one is something only time will tell. But the cookie cereal is definitely an indulgent recipe that we would love to try in our next breakfast meal!

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