Main coffee regions

Coffee Growing Regions: The Bean Belt Explained

Real coffee connoisseurs are well versed in coffee varieties and are able to recognize from a single sip of an aromatic drink in which region the beans were grown for it. In order to better capture such nuances of the taste and smell of coffee, as a rule, they subscribe to green coffee – farmers who grow beans do not always roast it, which means you have a better chance of getting coffee material with a unique taste, which can hardly be ordered in a regular store. If you work as a barista, then you should even try green coffee yourself so that you can offer a drink with a twist even to the most demanding customer. The Fest coffee mission company offers the purchase of green coffee beans from farms in various regions, as well as excursions to the same farms, where you can see with your own eyes the principles of ethical farming.If we talk about the features of growing coffee, then coffee plantations, as a rule, are located at the foot of the mountains in countries close to the equator. Let’s take a closer look at these regions.Latin AmericaThe natural conditions of Brazil make it possible to grow good yields of Arabica coffee beans in a wide range: it is on Brazilian farms that you can find both specialty coffee and familiar commercial varieties. Brazil’s climate is the reason why all coffee ripens at the same time – which means that harvesting can be done by machine.Colombian coffee is widely known for its fruity notes on the palate, characteristic sourness and excellent aroma.Coffee grown in Costa Rica has a rich and balanced taste with soft notes of nuts, chocolate and caramel, and a cup of coffee will smell with hints of fruit and spices.Central and South AmericaHonduran coffee has a mild profile with hints of nuts and fruit.Nicaraguan coffee is characterized by medium acidity and rich chocolate tones.Guinean coffee is one of the most prestigious and expensive varieties, it is a coffee with fruity and floral notes.Guatemalan coffee is known for its variety of flavor profiles.Peruvian coffee is characterized by a soft profile with delicate fruity undertones.Ecuadorian coffee has rich aromas and rich taste.AfricaEthiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee, so there are plenty of tastes.Kenyan coffee has bright acidity and intense fruit aromas.Tanzanian coffee from the Kilimanjaro region is known for its bright and expressive taste with fruity undertones.Zimbabwean coffee is produced in the East Mountain region and has a rich flavor and sweet notes.AsiaIndonesian coffee, including coffee from Sumatra and Bali, is known for its dense body and dark chocolate notes.Vietnam is the largest coffee producer in South Asia. Here, mainly Robusta is grown, which is used for the mass production of coffee.Thai coffee is produced in the northern regions of the country. It has fresh fruity and floral notes.Coffee grown on the island of Java in Indonesia has a rich and sweet taste with hints of spice. It is considered one of the most expensive varieties in the world.Wherever you order your coffee from, make sure the beans are roasted and cooled properly and stored in an airtight container. Green coffee retains aromatic and taste qualities longer than roasted and ground grains.

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