Missing The Flavours Of Kashmir? Heres Tomato Paneer (Tamatar Chaman) Recipe From Mealabilitys Kitchen

Due to its rich taste and exotic flavours, Kashmiri cuisine has never failed to grab the attention of the foodies nation-wide. You will always find at least one famous Kashmiri food joint in every city packed with people, ordering their favourite dishes. However, in the current situation of lockdown and social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, heading out for dining has become a distant dream. The only solution is, replicating your favourite dish at home! Keeping that in mind, we have brought the recipe of the famous Kashmiri dish ‘tamatar chaman’ or as we simply call it ‘tamatar paneer’ from the kitchen of Delhi’s Kashmiri-Special restaurant Mealability. In the video, Chef Sanjay Raina showed a step-by-step procedure of preparing the exact tomato paneer, which is you order during your visits to the restaurant. Take a look:

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Amidst the huge spread of meat-based dishes (which Kashmiri cuisine is known for), tomato paneeror ‘tamatar chaman’ stands out as a popular vegetarian dish. It is best enjoyed with steamed rice. However, you can also have it with roti or paratha.

Here’s The Written Recipe For Tomato Paneer With Ingredients And Cooking Method:


500 gm paneer

2-3 tbsp oil

2 chopped tomatoes

3 brown cardamoms

2-4 green cardamoms

3-4 cloves

2 cinnamon sticks

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tbsp Kashmiri red chili powder

1 tsp ginger powder

1 tbsp cumin powder

1 tsp fennel powder

Half tsp dried fenugreek leaves

Salt, to taste

Oil for frying


Cut the paneer into cubes and deep fry them till turn golden brown.

In a pan, heat oil and add brown cardamom, bay leaves, green cardamom, cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds and Kashmiri red chili powder to it.

Then, add some chopped tomatoes and salt to taste.

Add ginger powder, cumin powder, fennel powder and dried fenugreek leaves to it.

Let the gravy simmer for 15 minutes, till it all comes together and the oil separates out.

Then, add the fried paneer pieces into the gravy and mix it well so the masala is soaked into the paneer.

It is now ready to be served.

Prepare it for dinner and beat your mid-week blues successfully!

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