Move Over Regular Sandwich, Try This Crispy Bombay Toasty For Breakfast Instead

Move Over Regular Sandwich, Try This Crispy Bombay Toasty For Breakfast Instead

Bombay Toasty is a spin on the regular sandwich recipe.


  • Bombay Toasty or Bombay Sandwich is a special street-snack
  • It is made with some special ingredients and method
  • Try this recipe for breakfast, or as an evening snack

Sandwich is the quintessential breakfast dish. All you need to do is simply put together slices of bread, vegetables and spread of choice and your meal is ready. But what if we told you there is a way to reinvent the humble sandwich, that too with tastier results? The Bombay toasty is a special sandwich sold on the streets of Bombay which is made with lots of fresh vegetables and butter. There is a lot of difference between a regular sandwich and a Bombay toasty in the recipe, ingredients and way of cooking too.

One key ingredient of the Bombay Toasty is that it is made with a special mint chutney. Apart from the regular vegetables used in sandwiches such as cucumber, onion and capsicum – the Bombay Toasty also has sliced boiled potatoes in it. Another important feature is the generous amounts of chaat masala that is sprinkled with every layer of vegetables inside the sandwich. The Bombay Toasty is slathered with a lot of butter as well, thus making the preparation absolutely delicious.

Rather than toasting the bread and then preparing the filling, the Bombay Toasty’s recipe is exactly the opposite. The vegetables are added to fresh slices of bread, which is then lightly toasted on a tawa with butter. This step gives the sandwich a wonderful crispy texture with a golden-brown colour as well, and keeps all the vegetables and fillings enmeshed together

So in case you’re looking for an interesting way to reinvent your sandwich recipe, try this delectable Bombay¬†toasty today!

Watch The Full Recipe of Bombay Toasty Here:

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