Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Recommends Ramphal: 5 Things You Should Know About The Seasonal Fruit

Ramphal has a number of health benefits for skin, hair and body too.


  • Ramphal is a wonderful seasonal fruit that makes for a great addition
  • The fruit is highly recommended by celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar
  • We explore some of the health benefits of Ramphal

When we’re searching for seasonal fruits that are nourishing and healthy, chances are we might be looking for something fancy and expensive that is imported from outside of the country. Food trends for the year 2020 point towards the exact opposite – going local and sourcing fruits that are regionally produced. One such seasonal fruit which is super beneficial for health is Ramphal. The fruit also marks the growing trend of returning back to basics and trying food that our ancestors used to eat. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared on social media the multitude of benefits that can be derived from eating this seasonal fruit. Take a look:

Also known as Bullock’s Heart in English, Ramphal is a member of the fruit species Annona which is the same species that Custard Apple or Sharifa belongs to. The fruit is generally grown in areas with tropical climate, making India an ideal destination specially in states like Assam, West Bengal, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Ramphal is known to have an excellent combination of Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorous as well as high amounts of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Ramphal:

1. Great for people suffering from diabetes

Ramphal may seem sugary and sweet in the first bite, but it actually has lots of vital minerals and blood glucose lowering properties. This makes it ideal for people suffering from pre-diabetes and diabetes.

2. Helps In Boosting Immunity

Season change causes a drop in immunity, which is why Ramphal is ideal for having during this season. Rujuta Diwekar write in her Instagram post, “Its Vit A will boost the immunity and its B vitamins will help cut down the inflammation.”

3. May Help In Reducing The Risk Of Heart Disease

The presence of Vitamin B6 in the fruit helps control the fat deposits near the heart, thus keeping cardiovascular diseases in check. Vitamin C which is present in ample amounts in Ramphal also helps keep a check on high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

4. Enriched With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great nutrient to have in our diet, especially during season change. There are multiple advantages of having this Vitamin that is present in abundance in Ramphal for problems such as frizzy hair, acne marks and weak joints. Vitamin C also reduces the risk of developing heart issues.

5. Great For Skin

Whether it is untimely acne or glowing skin, Ramphal is just what you need. “If you are above 30 and just popped a pimple then welcome to adult acne, and this is the time tested fruit that will bring your glow back,” writes Rujuta Diwekar in her post.

If these are the health issues on your mind, you may consider adding the humble fruit Ramphal in your diet since it truly packs a punch. Nothing could be better than going back to our roots and relying on the food wisdom of our ancestors.

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