Nutter Butter Released Double Nutty Cookies

When it comes to food, ratio is everything. We see it all the time with candy and snacks that have a lot of one flavor and not enough of the other. That’s why so many brands come out with variations of their treats with different ratios–Most Stuf Oreos, Reese’s Thins, and more. The latest to offer a variation of the classic is Nutter Butter, which just came out with “Double Nutty” cookies.

Double Nutty Nutter Butter cookies are exactly what they sound like, featuring two times the amount of peanut butter creme than what’s typical. If you’ve ever bitten into a Nutter Butter and wished there was more peanut butter per bite, your time has finally come.

The brand announced that Double Nutty Nutter Butter is now available in stores. The exact stores weren’t specified, but we can assume that the same stores you’ve been getting your regular Nutter Butters from like Target and Walmart will have these new ones right on the same shelves.

Everyone has a preferred ratio when it comes to their snacks, so it’s nice to know that people who like extra peanut butter will be happy with this new cookie. Also, here at Delish we know better than most how useful Nutter Butter cookies can be in the kitchen. You can use them for cheesecake, dessert lasagna, and other desserts, so having a version with extra peanut butter lets you personalize exactly how you want your nutty creation to taste. Praise be.

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