Olive Garden Is Offering To-Go BOGO Entrees

The news around the COVID-19 outbreak is constantly changing, but information about food safety and how to keep yourself healthy is crucial right now. Here is a comprehensive list on the foods you should be stocking up on during this period of social distancing, as well as information about your local grocery stores’ changing hours, an explanation of “no-contact delivery,” and a guide on how to help your community and its businesses throughout closures.

Olive Garden is offering a ‘buy one, take one’ offer that will get you one hot, ready-to-eat meal and one packed meal that you can save for later. This offer is only available for curb-side pick-up.

While restaurants are operating on takeout and delivery-only policies, many chains are giving out promotions that help customers out as much as possible while they stay home and practice social distancing. Some are offering free kids meals with purchase, many are waiving delivery fees, and Olive Garden’s ‘buy one, take one’ offer is another way they want to help out.

The deal offers a shorter list of menu items, but there are a bunch of classics to choose from. The warm and ready-to-eat meal can be either spaghetti and meat sauce, fettuccine Alfredo, cheese ravioli, five cheese ziti al forno, lasagna, or chicken parmigiana. For the freshly prepared (but packaged and chilled) take one dish, you can choose from spaghetti and meat sauce, fettuccine Alfredo, cheese ravioli, or five-cheese ziti al forno.

It will only cost $12.99 for the two meals, and you just have to drive to your local Olive Garden to pick up your food once your order is placed. For delivery, Olive Garden is offering free, no-contact delivery on orders with a $40 minimum. In California, Oregon, and Washington, free delivery is available for orders of $75 or more.

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