On A Budget? Buy These Cheap Foods That Are Healthy And Also Long-Lasting

With the never-ending, in fact, ever-scaling inflation in the food industry, you can’t always allocate too-much money for groceries from your monthly budget. Do you often land up in such a situation and fear for fulfilment for your nutritional needs? Don’t let it dismay you. Act smart and stock up your pantry with foods that are nutritious, easily available and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. You’ll be surprised to see that there are so many foods that are regularly used in your kitchen, have a long shelf life and can be easily procured within your budget.

7 Inexpensive Foods That Can Last A Long Time:

1.     Rice
Rice is a staple in cuisines all around the globe. Apart from plain rice that you pair with curries and dals, there is much more that you make with the humble chawal – biryani, pulao, rice bowl, kheer – to name a few. And, the best quality of the budget-friendly rice is that it can be stored for months, sometimes up to a year, in the kitchen. 
2.     Potatoes
This is another staple that is used almost every day in our kitchen in one form or another. There’s so much you can do with nutrient-rich potatoes and that’s why it is a must-buy when you go for grocery shopping.
3.     Lentils
We need dal almost every day. It’s a good idea to invest in all kind of dals that can last a long time in our pantry. All kinds of lentils are high in proteins and many other nutrients. 
4.     Peas are also a great source of proteins along with fibre, folate, vitamin C and many other essential nutrients. Peas are inexpensive and you can save money if you buy them in bulk and freeze them. Peas don’t go bad if they are frozen. Defrost some whenever you need them for cooking; simple!

5.     Flours

Budget or no budget, we have to have different kinds of flours in our kitchen for cooking all kinds of meals. It’s a good thing that all flours are not costly and you can stock up on all varieties to make various dishes. 

6.     Honey
Honey is prized for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to sweeten our foods or can be had is it is, or with lemon water, to avail its health benefits. The fact that it is not costly and can keep well for a long time makes it a must-have kitchen essential.
7.     Poha
The breakfast delight – poha – is another food that is cheap and long lasting. The thin flaky rice flakes are a popular breakfast item and should be included in your budgeted shopping list.
All those times when you want to spend wisely on kitchen essentials and groceries, tick off these items first for basic cooking needs. These foods are worth every penny you’ll spend. 

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