One Cup Coffee Makers and Senseo Coffee

One Cup Coffee Makers and Senseo Coffee

The Senseo coffee maker is able to prepare gourmet coffee or espresso in less then 40 seconds through the use of coffee capsules. From short black to piping hot chocolate this espresso maker will make you a hot espresso with the simple press of a button. These espresso makers are very simple to use, so you don’t have to be a coffee buff to brew a cafe latte or espresso for the early morning brew when it’s hard to wait for your first coffee for getting you going for the rest of the day.

The use of Senseo coffee pods has simplified the procedure of making connoisseur style coffee latte. All of the ingredients needed are contained in the sealed pod. All you need do is decide on the blend you want to brew and place the pod in the espresso coffee machine, thats it theres no need to grind coffee beans or add additional flavors. Even though this machine is a single serve coffee maker there is a twin pod holder that comes with it in order to prepare 2 cups simultaneously.

These kind of automatic espresso machine are very straightforward to use, All it takes is three easy steps; Fill the water container, Position the capsule into the pod holder, push the “on’ button. Another advantage of this Senseo automatic coffee machine is because it makes a beverage in such little time it uses a lot less power then conventional automatic espresso machines, therefore needing less energy to run and saving you money on your power payments. Brews enough coffee or espresso for 5 cups of coffee. For those who live in a house hold with more then two coffee drinkers or for whenever you have visitors there is a double size water container available as an option. To make washing up easy, the not fixed parts, including pod holders and tank are dishwasher-safe.

One of the difficulties with traditional drip coffee makers and espresso coffee makers is cleaning the machine after wards is a big unpleasant task and as well as the kitchen sink getting blocked with used coffee grounds. Many people would agree not having to deal with used coffee grounds is certainly one of the best things about capsule coffee makers, apart from them making rich flavored coffee in seconds. There is no reason to be having to cope with messy used coffee grounds.

On the whole automatic grind and brew machines are costly and can cost hundreds of dollars. Not the Senseo, it is one of the least expensive pod coffee makers that you can purchase. The perfect place to buy the Senseo is on-line, just make certain the deal includes free shipping. It is a top quality and well designed equipment. It has a modern smooth aspect about it, and will look great on any kitchen benchtop. Its small sturdy design will take up little room and its small enough to take with you trips.

The premium coffee pods are made by Sara Lee’s Douwe Egberts brand, one of Europe’s premiere coffee brands. Senseo Cappuccino’s specially designed pod contains premium coffee with a separate layer of creamer so it blends evenly while its brewing. This automatic coffee machine brews a consistent balanced cup of espresso on every occasion with a distinctive crema coffee layer. Brewing a sensational cup of fresh gourmet coffee latte every time at the touch of a button, this machine is ideal for coffee lovers.

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