One Woman Is DIY-ing Disney Rides in Her Home After Her Disney Vacation Was Cancelled

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, Disney parks have temporarily closed, forcing many to cancel their trips. For one woman, a cancelled trip to Disney World led her to recreate iconic rides from the Happiest Place on Earth in her home.

According to Insider, Jess Siswick was inspired to create videos of popular Disney rides after her trip to Florida for a work conference and a Disney vacation was cancelled. She wondered how she could still be part of the work conference, and filmed herself with her feet on her suitcase outside her bedroom to represent getting on a plane and waiting at a gate. Then, she started creating videos in place of her cancelled trip to Disney.

In her first Disney ride recreation video on Twitter, Siswick explores a DIY Magic Kingdom. The video begins with Siswick turning an Amazon Echo Dot into a MagicBand Card Reader. A drawing of a Mickey Mouse silhouette is taped over the Echo Dot, which turns blue when she “scans” the MagicBand, which allows visitors to enter parks and check in at FastPass+ entrances. Then she spins around in a rolling chair to recreate the Mad Tea Party ride, with the carousel version of the “Unbirthday Song” playing. After, Siswick moves a teddy bear along to the “it’s a small world” song in front of a backdrop as the song plays. The video ends with Siswick on a rolling chair holding a crystal ball to DIY The Haunted Mansion Ride.

Siswick’s most popular recreation so far is Soarin’, an elevated hang-glider simulation that virtually tours landmarks around the world. In the video, Siswick includes details like pulling the yellow strap once you’re buckled in and spraying a scented mist.

In a photo, Siswick uses a soccer ball to recreate Spaceship Earth, writing, “Guys. EPCOT is so beautiful in the evening.”

Siswick also jokes about notoriously long lines at Disney with videos about Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Frozen Ever After.

After Siswick’s videos went viral, other Twitter users began creating #HomemadeDisney videos, recreating fun, hilarious Disney experiences in their homes.

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