Online Shopping Security Tips to Protect Your Money

Anyone who holds a lifestyle content writing job or an entertainment content writing job would be a witness to how online shopping has proven itself in the past few years. Glorified by these lifestyle content writers and entertainment content writers, these websites give out the impression that they are every shopaholics’ paradise right? Well, almost.

There are a lot of fraudulent websites on the rise which has turned online shopping into a hassle. You can escape from being another unfortunate victim, but only if you stay cautious. Here are a few security tips that you can remember when shopping online.

samjob-10Terms and conditions

You might assume that the terms and conditions are same across all shopping websites. Or you might assume that they are irrelevant for your shopping experience. If you do not read the fine print, you might end up losing more money than you signed up for. For instance, by ignoring the terms and conditions you might be missing out on a subscription fee that you did not know about.

Private spaces vs public spaces

Do not make your online shopping using a public connection or public WiFi. There is absolutely no reason for you to hurriedly shop for any product. Always only make payments across your own private internet connection.

Payment options

Between all the options that are commonly displayed on websites for online shopping, using a credit card is always the safest bet. Banks offer you more protection for credit card related fraudulent acts. PayPal is another great online payment option you can consider. Unless of course, there is a cash-on-delivery option.

Keep a separate credit card

It is always best to use a separate credit card for all your online shopping purposes. Make sure that this card has a low credit limit. This way you can ensure that if the card is compromised, then it will not result in too much damage. This should be especially be done when you are shopping through sites that you are not familiar with.

samjob-8Firewall up

Install and maintain a firewall which can protect your computer from fake websites that pose a risk to you.

Website security

This can be assured by checking for a few signs. If the website address on the address bar is prefixed with https:// it means that it safe to make the payment. It might also turn a green color. Genuine sites will also have a lock on the address bar.

Privacy policy

Be wary of the website’s privacy policy before you click on the payment option. Go through it carefully, not missing a word. If you have any further inquiries, you can always write to customer support and clarify your concerns.

Above all, avoid anything that looks suspicious. It’s better to be safe than sorry any day.