Panera Is Selling Groceries To Fill In Gaps At Stores

The news around the COVID-19 outbreak is constantly changing, but information about food safety and how to keep yourself healthy is crucial right now. Here is a comprehensive list on the foods you should be stocking up on during this period of social distancing, as well as information about your local grocery stores’ changing hours, an explanation of “no-contact delivery,” and a guide on how to help your community and its businesses throughout closures.

As people continue to see some temporary food shortages at grocery stores amid the COVID-19 outbreak, many restaurants have come up with a solution—sell grocery items directly to consumers in order to fill those gaps. In the latest example, Panera announced the launch of Panera Grocery this week.

The program is simple: When customers order on the Panera app or website, they’ll see an option for Panera Grocery alongside their favorite soups, sandwiches, and other classic Panera dishes. Panera Grocery items will feature ingredients from whole loaves of bread to gallons of milk, as well as produce items like apples, avocados, blueberries, red grapes, and tomatoes.

Panera has made getting your grocery items items safe too. You can receive them through their contactless delivery, Rapid Pick-Up, drive-up and drive-thru options. They also work with Grubhub to offer contact-free delivery.

“From limited choices on grocery shelves to the growing need to limit the number of trips outside of the home, it is an incredibly stressful time when it comes to putting wholesome food on the table, and we knew Panera could help,” said Panera CEO Niren Chaudhary in a press release: “With this new service we can help deliver good food and fresh ingredients from our pantry to yours, helping provide better access to essential items that are increasingly harder to come by.”

Other restaurants are getting in on this model too. For example, Texas Roadhouse has started to offer ready-to-cook steaks at select locations and many smaller, more local restaurants have taken it on as well.

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