Parents Are Tricking Their Kids With Food For The ‘Poop Challenge’

As the quarantine continues, parents are finding more and more ways to be creative, whether it’s a themed-birthday party or a fresh take on a cake smash. The latest news in parents keeping themselves entertained with little kids is the “poop challenge,” which has been trending on Twitter and involves parents using pudding and peanut butter as fake poop to trick their kids.

Essentially, the poop challenge has parents sitting on the toilet and calling their young kids saying they ran out of toilet paper and need another roll. When the kids come in to hand them the new roll, the parents wipe some chocolate pudding or peanut butter on their hands to make it look like they wiped poop on them during the hand-off. Of course, their phone is also set up to record the whole thing go down and some of the reactions are hilarious.

If this seems a little too foolish or gross for you to find funny, let me tell you I was right there with you…until I watched the first one. Now I can’t stop, and perusing the #poopchallenge hashtag on Twitter is an easy way to lift your spirits.

Some kids are shocked and mortified. Their eyes growing wide and jaws dropping when they look down at their hand and see the brown smear. Many can barely believe what’s on them and just scream in fear.

On the flip side, some of the kids have wholesome reactions that might remind you that little ones can actually be cute and loving. One user posted her poop challenge, and her daughter kept reassuring her that it was okay and she was just going to wash off her hand. “Are you mad at me?” the mom asked, stifling her laughter. “I’m always not mad at you,” the little girl responded while wiping her hands.

Other kids were way too wise for this funny business and sensed the prank, licking their hands to taste the chocolate, peanut butter, or barbecue sauce that was meant to deceive them. Darn kids, they’re really getting too smart for us.

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