Pav Bhaji To Vada Pav – Here Are 5 Must-Try Popular Maharashtrian Pav-Based Dishes (Recipes Inside)


  • It is said, pav travelled from Goa to Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra
  • Vada pav is basically a combination of two components – vada and pav
  • Misal pav is common breakfast in a Maharashtrian household

Discussions over Maharastrian cuisine can never be complete without a special mention of ‘pav’ – a kind of bread that looks somewhat like a smaller version of burger bun. If someone hears the word ‘pav’, they instantly relate it to various Maharshtrian dishes like vada pav, pav bhaji, dabeli etc. It is said that the history of ‘pav’ goes back to Portuguese invasion of Goa. Legend has it, pav was introduced in India when the Portugese, residing in the country, started missing their regular food, which was a fluffy bread called ‘pao’. It is also said, pav travelled from Goa to Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra.

Whatever it is, today the very popular ‘pav’ is an integral part of Marathi food culture. Hence, we bring you a range of pav-based Maharashtrian recipes that can easily be made and enjoyed at home. Although a packet of pav is widley available in the market in almost every part of India, you can also make it at home if you want. Click here to know the recipe.

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Here Are 5 Pav-Based Recipes For You:

Vada Pav

If anyone is asked about Mumbai’s staple food, vada pav surely be one of the most common answers. It is a quick go-to snack, available at every corner of the fast-paced city. Vada pav is basically a combination of two components – vada (fried besan coated mashed potato) and pav (bread). Doesn’t it sound like burger? Yes, it can be touted as the ‘Indianised’ burger-version. What makes the dish yet more palatable is the spicy garlic-based chutney, accompanying the vada pav. Here’s an easy step-by-step recipe of the popular vada pav. Try it at home for a street-style experience!


Pav Bhaji

Every time we hear pav bhaji, the thought of a vegetable-mishmash, rustic spices and a dollop of butter and lemon juice on it, melts our hearts. This Maharastrian delicacy can be considered as one of the best ways to consume various vegetables (without any fuss). Although there have been several experiments with the dish (in form of cheesy paneer pav bhaji, pav bhaji fondue etc), a classic pav bhaji always steals the show. Here’s the recipe of classic street-style pav bhaji for you!


Misal Pav

Misal pav is common breakfast or evening snack in a Maharashtrian household. Misal is a spicy curry, generally made with moth beans, onion, ginger, garlic, chillies and various spices. It is eaten with butter-toasted pav and is topped with sev, lime juice etc. This popular delicacy, hailing from Maharahstra, is also famous in parts of Gujarat. Click here for the recipe of misal pav.


Ussal Pav

Ussal is basically the lentil of the misal, without any spices or spicy toppings (like sev, lime juice, coriander etc). Ussal is the healthy alternative to misal for the people who have issues with spicy food. Here’s the recipe for ussal pav.


If you have ever been to Pune or stayed there, surely you have come across this dish named dabeli. Famous in both Maharashtra and Gujarat, dabeli is a genius blend of softness (aloo), crunch (sev and dry peanut chutney), sweetness and tanginess (chutney). Dabeli is also called aloo pav in parts of Maharashtra. Click here for the recipe of dabeli.


So if you feel like Maharashtrian cuisine, prepare these dishes easily at home and relish. Happy cooking!

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