People Are Customizing The Viral Creamy Coffee Recipe



Last week, the “creamy coffee” trend took over TikTok and then subsequently the entire internet. The three-ingredient recipe is easy to make although it requires a ton of mixing, and people are getting creative by subbing out the coffee mix with things like matcha powder and using vanilla, honey, and cinnamon to infuse more flavors.

The creamy coffee trend, which is actually based off “dalgona coffee,” a popular coffee style in South Korea, is super simple and results in a semi-solid coffee mix that you can combine with whatever milk or dairy product you use in your morning cup. The recipe calls for just equal parts instant coffee grounds, white sugar, and water. You whisk these three ingredients together until you successfully reach the desired creamy texture.

As quickly as the trend blew up, people found ways to get creative and customize the recipe to their liking. For one, many were subbing out the instant coffee mix with the beverage of their choice, whether that was something like hot cocoa power or matcha powder.

Others really flexed their at-home barista skills by infusing more flavors into their whipped drinks. Adding in some vanilla, salt, and cornstarch before mixing can result in a vanilla coffee drink. Some even added their own tapioca pearls to the bottom for at-home boba tea. You can also add your own flavor by using infused water for the whipping process.

It seems like the three-ingredient recipe is open to interpretation and adjustment, so everyone can find the way they prefer their own dalgona coffee. L0oks like we found your next at home hobby to get creative with!

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