Pepsi Debuts Vanilla And Cherry Zero Sugar Flavors

Calling all Pepsi fans! The brand is launching two all new flavors, wild cherry and vanilla, and they come in zero sugar. A marketing campaign featuring iconic artists is set to hit your television screens this week.

Pepsi wild cherry zero sugar is not a totally new product, but it is being reintroduced with the debut of vanilla zero sugar. A spokesperson for Pepsi told Delish that as opposed to combining the two flavors into a cherry vanilla drink, they wanted to focus on each flavor independently.

The marketing campaign is all part of Pepsi’s “That’s What I Like” initiative, which follows everyday people enjoying Pepsi to the songs “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO and “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. This isn’t the first time Pepsi has used powerhouses in the munsic industry to promote their products. Pepsi’s Super Bowl party last month featured Lizzo and Harry Styles as headliners.

Promotions for cherry and vanilla zero sugar Pepsi flavors are starting this week, which likely means that cans of the stuff will be hitting grocery store shelves very soon. Vice President of Marketing at Pepsi Todd Kaplan said in a statement that the new flavors are a direct response to what they know fans will love:

We have always known that Pepsi Wild Cherry and Pepsi Vanilla have been fan favorites, so we couldn’t be more excited to now have them both available in zero sugar varieties. We are so confident that the delicious taste of each flavor stands by itself, that we developed individual spots for each flavor in the latest installment of our ‘That’s What I Like’ campaign.

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