Pillsbury Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Cookies Are Back In Stores


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Years ago, Pillsbury first released Cinnabon cinnamon roll cookies and people promptly freaked out. But, of course, the cookies were only available for a limited time, and they eventually went away, along with our happiness.

Now, the cookies are back and they are just as good as you remember. They were spotted by Instagram account @CanadianJunkFoodFinder, who shared a photo of the deliciousness: “I’m a creature of habit… so when I see the return of an annual favorite, I get the same sense of joy as watching a rerun! So the return of the Pillsbury & Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll cookies make me smile! @pillsbury @pillsburybaking,” they wrote.

People were super excited in the comments. “Oooooh I want to try!!” one person wrote. “I dig em too!” someone else said.

In case you’re not familiar with these cookies, they’re inspired by the international treasure that is Cinnabon. The Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Cookies are made with cinnamon and cream cheese-flavored chips to try to evoke the taste of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, complete with cream cheese icing. And they’ve got a serious fanbase. Junk Food Banter called them “perfect” back in 2017, and one reviewer on Influenster said they’re “the best packaged cookies ever!”

Pillsbury doesn’t have the cookies listed on their official lineup, and they don’t seem to be listed for sale at any major stores in the U.S. right now. Still, @CanadianJunkFoodFinder says they’ve found them at Walmart and other stores, so fingers crossed they make their way stateside soon!

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