Pink Donated A Big Batch Of Homemade Soup

Frazer Harrison/Instagram/PinkGetty Images

Pink has been incredibly candid about her experience battling COVID-19 and her recovery. Now that she’s back in good health, she’s also been sharing how she’s giving back to her community and one of the biggest ways is through food.

The singer shared a photo of a batch of soup she made for those who needed it. Although she didn’t disclose exactly who received the soup, Pink did share a caption encouraging those who can give back to do so too.

“It is my absolute pleasure to cook for you. Find your local church, find your local shelter, reach out to them, get some friends together, and cook some soup. Feed some folks. Best soup I ever made,” she wrote.

Pink shared photos of her process making the soup, which contained beans, onions, carrots, celery, bouillon, as well as its final form in plastic containers. She also noted in her Instagram captions that, yeah, she just so happened to get the month wrong on the lids, but yes, these were in fact made in April.

As Us Weekly noted, Pink also made two $500,000 donations recently—one to The Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in Philadelphia, PA, and another to the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund.

The singer has also been baking and cooking up a storm recently, which she’s been chronicling on Instagram. In yet another case of stars being just like us, she’s been making a sourdough starter and banana bread while at home.

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