Pizza Hut Has 50 Percent Off Pizzas Today Only

Mondays are the worst, I think we can all agree. But at least Pizza Hut’s got dinner covered, and at an amazing discount even!

The Hut is offering up a ridiculous 50 percent off all pizzas today, according to a tweet they sent out on Sunday. “If a weekend can feel like a weekday, then any night can be pizza night. Especially if it’s 50 percent off! Online only,” the company wrote.

People were pretty stoked in the comments. “This made my day,” one wrote. “Great Deal,” another said.

Let’s break this down in real menu prices. With the discount, a large cheese pizza will cost you about $6.75, a meat lover’s pizza will be $9.25. With all those savings, you can add a P’Zone to the mix and some Cinnabon mini rolls without a second thought.

The deal is for delivery and carryout, by the way. Just enter the code “HALFOFF” and you should be good to go. Pizza Hut isn’t advertising the deal on its website, so it’s kind of a hush-hush insiders thing.

Just a heads up, though: Some people in the replies to Pizza Hut’s tweet said the code couldn’t be used at their local store, so it’s likely that your particular location must be participating for the code to work. (Although the social media manager very nicely promised to look into it.) So, maybe call your local Pizza Hut in advance or double check the total before you order, just to be safe.

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