Pizza Hut Is Selling A Spam Pizza With Stuffed Crust

Pizza Hut is constantly coming out with new and original creations. Vegan stuffed crust, a mozzarella stick crust, and mac & cheese pizza are some of the more recent Pizza Hut endeavors of the last few weeks. Now, to take it all a step further, Pizza Hut is putting Spam on pizza AND inside the crust. Buckle up.

Now we’ve seen a lot of controversial pizza toppings in the past, but I will say this one makes sense. Spam is not much different than adding any other meat topping you prefer to your pizza, but this pizza is definitely for true Spam fanatics.

The Spam Cheesy Bites pizza is only available in the Philippines at the moment and is a limited time offer that will run through May 9. It’s also only available at select Pizza Hut locations, making it even more of a rare pizza variation to come by. The pizza dough and cheese are nothing out of the ordinary, but the whole pie is topped with cubed pieces of spam.

Instead of a traditional crust, it’s more of a pull apart type style that is stuffed with Spam and more mozzarella. It’s available in both regular and large sizes, if you’re super hungry or looking to feed a crowd. The price points convert into USD at around $8.25 and $12.55 for a regular or large, respectively.

Once again, the Spam Cheesy Bites pizza is only available at certain Pizza Hut locations in the Philippines, so if it seems up your alley it might be a little out of reach. You could always order a plain Pizza Hut pie and get a can of Spam to DIY it?! Maybe?!

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