Plan A Coffee Klatch For Fellowship and Fun!

Plan A Coffee Klatch For Fellowship and Fun!

Recently a friend of mine threw an impromptu coffee klatch that was the best time I have had in a very long time! A coffee klatch is simply a casual social gathering for coffee and conversation. It has been a reason for friends and family to get together for years, while drinking delicious coffee and have great conversations! I am planning on throwing a coffee klatch next month and have thought a few fun ideas.

First, I am planning on having a variety of coffees to choose from – of course! I am going to utilize my espresso maker, my Keurig one cup coffee pot, and my favorite coffee vessel – the French press. I plan to have different regions of coffee as well as different roasting levels. My idea of the perfect party will include some light, medium and dark roasted coffees so everyone can have something they find delicious to the palate. I also plan to have very expensive roasts, such as Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain, in limited quantities for all the guests to sample.

To be served with all that delicious java, I’m planning quite a menu. I have decided to make a blueberry crumble cake, a variety of muffins, a couple different quiche, fruits, cheeses and an assortment of brunch type fare. I’m also going to serve candied bacon and other savory items for depth to the palate. This should be the perfect companion to the different roasts of rich coffee and serve to fill the belly with something other than just caffeine!

Another key factor to a great coffee klatch is making sure everyone has something to talk about! Some great ideas would be to set out a variety of hot topic books and magazines. Many people also enjoy to play a variety of games so I intend to have a couple chess and check boards out for those who wish to jump into a game with friends. Also, having a variety of music makes for a great time.

The key to a great party is making sure everyone has something to do, to eat and of course to drink! In addition to the coffee, I also plan to have pitchers of iced tea and lemon water. Sometimes when sampling different foods and fare, it is a good idea to serve other beverages in addition to the coffee. That way everyone has something to sip and nibble while enjoying good company, conversation and games!

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