Planters Sells Bags Of Peanut And Chocolate Bark


Sometimes you want something sweet and crunchy and a chocolate bar just won’t cut it. That’s where chocolate bark comes in, as it is arguably one of the most underrated sweets snacks of all time (don’t @ me). If you don’t have the ingredients—or patience—to make it at home, Planters sells chocolate bark that you can buy.

Planters, the same brand that makes all of your favorite selections of mixed nuts and introduced us to Baby Nut earlier this year, is coming through for us one again. This Planters Chocolate & Nut Bark is made with milk chocolate, chopped peanuts, and a dash of sea salt to compliment the flavors.

Bags of the treat were seen at Walmart by @junkfoodfoodies on Instagram. The bag has a big “Limited Edition” label on it, but it seems this product was spotted as far back as December, so there’s no clear timeline for when the chocolate bark will no longer be sold in stores.

While Planters is known for their simple nut mixes, the brand isn’t new to snacks with chocolate. Planters Drizzle are bags of cashews drizzled with milk chocolate that are also a limited-edition offer. It seems that as the brand tries out chocolatey versions of their beloved nut mixes, they’ll only be available for a limited time.

With items like this, it could be possible that if the limited release sees success, they’ll be back again or they’ll try out even more chocolate snacks. Until then, if you come across a bag of this, pick it up while you have the chance or, of course, you can always make some chocolate bark at home.

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