Popsicle Is Bringing Back Double Pops For A Limited Time

Update, 3/20/20: Per a PR email, the Double Pop is B-A-C-K. Go out and grab some (in a responsible, social distancing manner, please).

Original post, 7/18/19: Earlier this week, Popsicle announced via Twitter that they were bringing back their infamous (and discontinued) Double Pops. This all unfolded just about two months after Justin Bieber changed the course of history with one single tweet about missing the dual-portioned icy tweet, which then prompted me to reminisce about how truly impactful the Double Pop really was in all of our lives.

Let me backtrack for a second.

On May 21, Justin tweeted the above, noting not only that he and his manager Scooter Braun couldn’t find Double Pops anywhere, but also that he would like for Popsicle to bring back the product entirely.

I was a little upset at first. Double Pops were, after all, my thing with Justin. But then I came to realize that not only was Justin just looking out for our friendship, but that he was also looking out for the greater good. The world was missing Double Pops, you know? It wasn’t just the two of us that were dying to have them back.

Enter: Popsicle’s (slightly delayed, yet very satisfying) response:

As you can see, they heard Justin. They listened. They made an unspecified but “limited” amount of Double Pops and will seemingly be giving them out at some point in the near future. That said, they’ve also left the door open for the possibility of bringing Double Pops back permanently, though that’s dependent on the above tweet receiving 100,000 retweets.

…It’s currently somewhere around 30,000 RTs. So. Uh. @Justin, we’re gonna need your help again. I can’t hold this friendship/dessert revival effort up all alone, buddy. You’re gonna need to flex some muscles again.

Love you!

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