Purina Animal Nutrition Recalls 4 Products

Purina Animal Nutrition has issued a recall for select batches of four different types of animal food. The problem is thought to be high levels of calcium in the products that can be harmful to animals.

The products involved in the recall are Purina rabbit feed, Purina turkey feed, Country Acres Rabbit Feed, and DuMOR chick starter. According to the FDA recall, Purina received complaints from customers claiming that the rabbit products led to poor health and mortality in their pets. No customers have reported any adverse effects from the turkey or chick food.

The products in the recall are thought to have elevated levels of calcium in them. This is especially harmful to rabbits and symptoms of too much calcium intake include lethargy due to less feeding and pink urine. The fear is that not only will eating the food lead to poor health, but that rabbits can refuse to eat the food which will eventually lead to death.

Although there have been no complaints about the turkey or chick food, high calcium levels can also be problematic for these animals. It can lead to kidney calcification or leg abnormalities which can be spotted when they are around six weeks old.

The animal feed that was affected was produced between December 16, 2019 and February 3, 2020. Some of the DuMOR chick feed was distributed in over 30 states. If you find any of the recalled products in your possession, dispose of them or return them to your place of purchase for a refund. To see the full list of affected product numbers, reference the FDA recall.

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