Raddish Kids Is Offering 10,000 Free Cooking Kits To Families Affected By School Closings

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, kids across America are seeing their schools close and extracurricular activities canceled. Classrooms were dark for at least 21 million students across the country as of Friday, according to the latest count from Education Weekly magazine.

Because of this social distancing, many parents are on the look out for fun (and educational) activities to do at home with their kids beyond binge watching. Luckily, Raddish Kids is supporting families unexpectedly at home by offering 10,000 free cooking kits.

Swedish Eats is the name of the complimentary kit, and it pays tribute to the culture of the Scandinavian country that brought us IKEA. Each kit includes illustrated recipe guides for Swedish Meatballs, Scandinavian Smorgasbord, and Nordic Cinnamon Buns. And the excitement doesn’t stop there: Kids also receive their very own iron-apron patch, kitchen tongs, and a set of conversation starters for the dinner table.

Raddish Kids founder Samantha Barnes, who is a working mom of two and a former teacher, wants to do her part to help other families. Per Barnes:

“The kitchen is the perfect place to cultivate academic skills like math, science, geography, culture, reading, among other subjects outside of the traditional classroom. Our kits weave in these subjects alongside key culinary skills that nourish the mind, expand the palate and empower kids in the kitchen and beyond.”

To keep its program sustainable, Raddish Kids simply asks that you help cover the cost of shipping, which comes out to just $4. It seems like a small price to pay for all of the family togetherness the kit will inspire during this time of social distancing!

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