Sam’s Club Is Selling A Limited-Edition Box Of Doritos With 5 Different Flavors

Whether you’re settling in to watch a movie or need to end your lunch with a crunch, there’s no bad times to snack on some chips. Doritos are a staple, of course, but the flavors have gone way beyond the classic Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese. You won’t have to choose which flavor to buy, because there’s a limited-edition variety pack that will satisfy every Doritos craving.

The new Doritos Mix box has five types of chips: Nacho Cheese (10 bags), Cool Ranch (eight bags), Flamin’ Hot Nacho (four bags), Spicy Nacho (four bags), and Spicy Sweet Chili (four bags). That’s 30 bags of snack-size chips that will last you through an entire month — unless you can’t resist them, in which case … you might eat five bags at a time.

Sam’s Club is stocked with the Doritos Mix box, and it looks like that’s the only store it’s available in (for now, anyway). That 30 bags cost just $13.38, coming out to $0.45 a bag. The food blog The Impulsive Buy has spotted the Doritos variety pack in the store, but it’s also available for delivery on Sam’s Club’s website.

While you’ve probably had Doritos’ Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch flavors before, you might not have tried the other three. So you can use this as the perfect opportunity (or excuse) to grab a box and snack away! The packaging makes it clear that it’ll only be around for a limited time, so pile up your cart.

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