Skin Diet: Drink This Carrot And Tomato Juice For A Glowing And Nourished Skin


  • Carrots are rich in beta-carotene
  • Tomatoes are exceptionally low in calories
  • Carrots contain beauty mineral silica too

Has your skin also started appearing dull and lifeless? The cosmetic products are also not able to bring back your lost sheen? Perhaps, it is time to take a look into your kitchen. Yes, you heard us! Our kitchen pantry is often stocked with ingredients that could do much more than just be a flavourful addition to your plates. It has been emphasised enough that you should have fruits and veggies daily, not only can they do wonders to your overall health but also help infuse your skin with a natural glow. There countless fruits and vegetables that come loaded with a bevy of antioxidants that are good for your skin. And no we are not talking about exotic, imported fruits and vegetables here. Something as basic as carrot and tomato could prove to be a natural elixir for your skin. How to get the best out of both? Juicing them is one way.

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Carrot Benefits for skin

Carrots contain vitamin C and beta-carotene. While vitamin C prevents free radical activity that is associated with ageing and wrinkles, beta-carotene is said to prevent skin inflammation. According to the book ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing House, “in addition to beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene, carrots contain silicon, which promotes healthy skin and nails.”

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Carrots contain vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Tomato benefits for skin

Tomatoes are also a treasure of vitamin C. According to beauty expert Suparna Trikha, tomatoes also have lycopene, which is an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the body. Their astringent properties help cut down excess sebum production on skin which leads to reduced outbreak of blackheads and whiteheads. She further adds that they also have pore-shrinking properties and help tighten the skin, and reduce chances of acne and pimples. Rubbing tomato juice on tanned areas may also help you get a detanned and nourished skin.

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Tomatoes are also a treasure of vitamin C

Here’s how to make tomato and carrot juice at home


1 medium tomato- cut in small sections fit for your blender
1 medium carrot, cut in halves
Half orange


Take a blender, add carrots, tomatoes and oranges. Give it a good blend. If the consistency is too thick add some water, but do not dilute it too much. Drink the juice while it is fresh.

Make this juice at home and see its impact on your skin for yourself. Make sure you opt for fresh fruits and veggies.

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