St. Patrick’s Day Deals 2020

St. Patrick's Day Party

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St. Patrick’s Day comes around once a year on March 17, and everyone has their own traditions of how they celebrate. Some of your favorite restaurants and fast food chains are offering free food or delivery, and other promos to get food for cheap in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Before you try to take advantage of the St. Patrick’s Day deals, make sure you check in with your local restaurant to see if they are still offering them and to be aware of their adjusted hours and services in light of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. We are maintaining a running list of chain restaurants and their hours (and their on-location policies) so you can stay informed. Many restaurants are implementing drive-thru or takeout only processes for the upcoming weeks, and we implore you to follow their safety guidelines. These policies may vary based on location, so be sure to call ahead and see if your closest restaurant is participating in a social distancing-friendly way.

As always, you can try out our traditional Irish dish recipes at home, and finish it off with our St. Patrick’s Day desserts.

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St. Patrick’s Day is nearly synonymous with Shamrock Shakes, and if you spend $15 at McDonald’s through DoorDash you can get $5 off with the code GETMCDS.


IHOP is serving up $1 St. Patty’s Day Cakes at restaurants nationwide from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. St. Patty’s Day Cakes are short stacks made of two fluffy Irish-green pancakes topped with sweet cream cheese icing, Lucky Charms cereal, and whipped topping.

Tim Horton’s

At participating Tim Horton’s locations, you can get heart-shaped green donuts for $1.19. If you get four of them, they make a shamrock shape!


You can grab six wings free of charge from Hooters with the purchase of any beverage if your name happens to be Conor of McGregor.

Jamba Juice

If you order $15-worth of Jamba Juice through Postmates, you’ll get a free Amazing Greens smoothie. It’s green, so definitely in the St. Patty’s spirit!

Ike’s Sandwiches

If you can show that you follow Ike’s on Instagram, you can get any sandwich for just $7.


Sonic is offering chili cheese tots or fries for just 99 cents. To unlock the offer, text DELISH to 876642.


Applebee’s drink of the month is the one-dollar Long Island Iced Tea.


Every month Chili’s has a $5 margarita of the month and in honor of March and St. Patrick’s Day, the Lucky Jameson includes Jameson Irish whiskey and tequila.

Mrs. Fields

Through March 19, Mrs. Fields will take 17 percent off of all St. Patrick’s Day orders with the code LUCKY.

Insomnia Cookies

With the code ALLDAYPARTY, Insomnia Cookies is offering free delivery.

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