Starbucks Brought Back Lemon Cake Pops

Few flavors scream “spring!!!” quite as much as lemon does. Plus, once the lemony treats start rolling out, you know warm weather isn’t far behind.

Well, Starbucks just released a lemon-flavored treat, and it’s a fan favorite from last year: lemon cake pops. The pops were spotted by Instagram account @JunkFoodOnTheGo who is just as excited about the re-release as you’d hope.

“Starbucks Lemon Cake Pops have Returned!!!!” they wrote, alongside a photo of a mouthwateringly delicious-looking lemon pop:

Tried these delicious cake pops last year when they first released and when I saw them again this past weekend I knew I had to get some again!! Deliciously sweet lemon white cake is covered in chocolate and a slightly sour/tangy & sweet sugar topping. Definitely worth picking up!!

“Wow this is truly amazing,” one person wrote in the comments. “Sheeeshh that looks so good,” someone else chimed in. Others said they’ve already gotten their lemon cake pop on this season. “I’ve had several already,” one person said.

Starbucks has even listed the pop on its official menu, so the odds of finding a lemon cake pop at your local Sbux is pretty high. Not 100 percent convinced you need this in your life right now? Here’s the official description: “Lemon-flavored white cake, enrobed with a yellow zesty, chocolaty coating and a sweet-and-sour topping. This treat brings a bit of zest and refreshment to your day.” Um, yum.

Starbucks hasn’t publicly shared how long the lemon cake pops are back for but if history is any indication, you’ve probably got most of the spring to enjoy them. Get to it, y’all!

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