Starburst Swirlers Combine Flavors In One Candy

A Starburst is a delicious candy, sure, but it can be a little limiting. Each little square is only one flavor so if you want to combine them, you’re in for a serious jaw workout. Thankfully, Starburst is here with the answer to your flavor-mixing prayers. They’re called Starburst Swirlers, and they’ve finally arrived after the company teased them last year.

The Swirlers were spotted at Walmart by Instagram account @SnackBetch and they look like they’re going to be your new favorite candy. “New Starburst Swirlers! The flavor combos are strawberry-orange, cherry-lemon, & cherry-strawberry. These are awesome 10/10,” they wrote, alongside a photo of the new treat.

People seemed pretty excited in the comments that they no longer have to work hard to get a Starburst flavor combo. “I do this all the time! I get two flavors and roll them into one,” one person wrote. “This is my dream come true, I used to take 2 dif flavor starbursts, stretch then out, then wrap them in a ball together,” another person said. Someone else had the best idea ever for the next Starburst product: “I wish it was a straw.” Like, same.

A cool feature of these new sticks: They come individually wrapped, so you can take one at a time and the rest will stay fresh as a daisy until your next snacking session, or for anyone else in your homes you might be sharing your snacks with…or not! Starburst Swirlers aren’t available on just yet, but keep checking back—they’re bound to show up soon.

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