Strawberry Twinkies And Carrot Cake Donettes Are Back

Spring has officially sprung…even if the weather hasn’t exactly caught up to the calendar everywhere. Still, there are still plenty of spring foods that we are ready to sink our teeth into whether they be Easter Bunny Cake, spring produce like radishes, or delicious themed junk food like Strawberry Twinkies.

Yes, Hostess has once again blessed us with these springtime Twinkies that are stuffed with a bright pink strawberry cream filling that is as pretty as an Easter egg. It seems like Twinkies get a little makeover each season, but these definitely take the (sponge)cake for the prettiest.

If Twinkies are not exactly your packaged snack jam, don’t worry. Hostess has you covered with a whole range of sweet treats that have a spring twist.

And if you just want the pastel color vibe without a new flavor involved, then Spring Cupcakes are for you. They’re a classic Hostess Vanilla Cupcake with an icing top that’s been dyed a beautiful lilac. Ah, nature.

But my personal favorite thing that Hostess has coming, and something I will be keeping my peepers out for at the grocery store, is Carrot Cake Donettes. They’re basically little carrot cake donuts which makes them the spicy, sweet, soft dessert of my dreams.

According to PopSugar, these will be available in stores nationwide for around $3 and by taking a quick gander around Instagram, they’ve already been spotted at places like Target and Walmart. Keep your eyes peeled the next time you hit up the grocery store.

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