Street Food Of India: This Aloo Bread Vada Will Give Your Taste Buds A Whole New Lip-Smacking Experience

You can aloo bread vada with just a handful of ingredients.


  • Vada is used to make a number of Indian street foods.
  • If you want to make vada quickly, try this aloo bread vada.
  • This vada is quite easy to make at home.

A flurry of different kinds of snacks lines up the streets of India, satiating everyone’s in-between-the-meals hunger. Catering to all kinds of taste preferences, you’ll get everything – from samosa to pav bhaji, from bhel puri to dahi vada. If you take note, a simple food item of vada is used to make a number of street foods. Dahi vada, vada sambhar, batata vada, medhu vada, and so on. Vada is a fried dumpling, pakoda or fritter usually consisting of a mixture of urad dal and lots of Indian spices. 

Many people prefer to make street snacks at home due to cleanliness and hygiene issue. Making vada can be a time-consuming process as you have to soak the dal first and then grind it to make a paste. If you want to have something quick and easy to satiate your vada craving, you can make this simple aloo bread vada. No soaking, no grinding – you can have your favourite vada ready in a matter of minutes. 

This recipe video posted on YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’ will let you prepare vada with few ingredients that are mostly present in our kitchens already. Take boiled potatoes, mash them and mix with common Indian spices. Cook the mixture and make vadas out it. Wrap the vadas in a blanket of bread and immerse in a batter of besan before frying them. You’ll get the same soft, golden-brown vada that you can enjoy with sauce, sambhar or chutney. In fact, you can make other street foods of your choice with this soft and spongy vada. 

Watch Recipe Video Of Street-Style Aloo Bread Vada –

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