Taco Bell Is Unlocking “Veggie Mode” And Some New Menu Items

Taco Bell may be your number one choice for all your deliciously greasy drunk food, but it may surprise you to hear the chain’s menu is also frequently touted as the best choice for many types of diets. Whether you’re looking to cut calories, nix dairy, or go plant-based, Taco Bell is a pretty great option.

In the spirit of that, the chain is now unleashing something called “Veggie Mode,” which will make ordering vegetarian options a breeze. Once it’s activated, you can access a single-swipe feature that unlocks nearly 50 American Vegetarian Association-certified items at Taco Bell self-service kiosks.

The menu includes all the items unveiled earlier this year with the launch of its all-vegetarian menu, but also includes some new menu swaps to create items you’ve never heard of before.

For example, your classic Beefy 5-Layer Burrito has been tweaked to become the Layered Vegetarian Burrito. Love a Chalupa Supreme? On this menu, you can order a Black Bean Chalupa Supreme. And the Chicken Soft Taco has been modified to become the Black Bean Soft Taco in Veggie Mode.

Some classic ingredients like Potato Bites, Chalupa shells, and Hash Browns have also been added to the vegetarian menu.

Sound exciting to you? Well you just have to wait a littttle bit longer. Veggie mode will be activated at Taco Bell locations with self-service kiosks starting on March 12, and then the whole world of vegetarian options will be your oyster…er, taco!

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