Tahira Kashyap Bakes Gluten-Free Cookies With An Unexpected Result

Tahira Kashyap Bakes Gluten-Free Cookies With An Unexpected Result

Tahira Kashyap made delicious gluten-free cookies, but with a surprising result.


  • Tahira Kashyap tried her hand at baking, making gluten-free cookies
  • The result of her baking expedition was disastrous as she admitted
  • Here are some interesting gluten-free cookie recipes to try

A number of Bollywood celebrities, from Kartik Aaryan to Anushka Sharma, are propagating self-isolation. Some of the actors are actually sharing some interesting things they are doing at home these days. Alia Bhatt tried to finish reading her favourite book, while Katrina Kaif played the guitar. Sonam Kapoor relished a delicious home-cooked meal, and Salman Khan sketched a painting. Tahira Kashyap, wife of actor Ayushmann Khurrana is also one such celebrity who is at home, trying her hand at baking some gluten-free cookies. The result however was not as expected. Take a look at her Instagram story:


The cookies were an attempt in the right direction, but the result turned out to be disastrous. Rather than looking evenly browned and fresh, the cookies wore a shade of burnt. “Disaster gluten free cookies,” Tahira Kashyap wrote on Instagram. However, we have to give full marks to the filmmaker for honestly admitting that her baking did not go in the right direction.¬†

Gluten-free cookies are made with a recipe that substitutes the use of wheat flour or maida with options such as almond flour. The resultant cookies are safe for people to eat with gluten intolerance. The key to baking the cookies is having an ideal temperature to bake them in as well as the duration for which they are put in the oven. With a little bit of care and precaution, gluten-free cookies can come out as wonderful as their wheat counterparts.

Here Are 3 Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes To Try:

  1. Ragi Cookies
  2. Amaranth Flour Cookies with Carrots and Raisins
  3. Oatmeal & Almond Cookies 

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