The best do-it-yourself projects are ones that you can eat after you’re done! Or maybe that’s just what we think. If you’re on the same wavelength, you’ll love Target’s Sugar Cookie Kits from the in-house brand Archer Farms. They’ll make Easter that much sweeter.

If you missed the cookie-decorating kits last year around this time, here’s your chance to get them now. Each kit has everything you need to make tasty springtime creations! You can choose between Easter egg cookies or bunny cookies. Better get both just in case, you know?

The kits come with pre-baked sugar cookies, so all you have to do is decorate! Each kit comes with icing and confetti sprinkles, so it couldn’t be easier to make a colorful bite. Both varieties are available at Target for $4.99.

Let’s be real: You could always use a kid-friendly DIY project to keep the little ones busy. Grab a kit for each child and let them go to town! You just might want to make sure that they don’t eat all of them at once. After all, they are sugar cookies.

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