The Benefits of Scented Soy Candles With a Coffee Fragrance

The Benefits of Scented Soy Candles With a Coffee Fragrance

The Benefits of Coffee Fragrance

I ran across a very interesting article in “Popular Science” speaking about the benefits of smelling the aroma of coffee. It is a well know fact that the coffee bean contains stimulants which speed up your bodies metabolism and thereby gives you that additional boost of energy. But, scientists are now also studying the effects of the mere aroma of coffee and have made some interesting discoveries. If you really don’t care for drinking coffee you can still reap some of the same benefits. The aroma of coffee has been found to aid with sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and helps to reduce stress.

Light a Coffee Scented Candle and Reap the Benefits

By lighting a coffee scented soy candle you can enjoy the same benefits of that rich and robust coffee aroma and never brew a pot of coffee or have to drink it. By simply lighting one of these aromatic scented jar candles you can perk up your senses and keep yourself motivated throughout your busy day. By combining other scents with the wonderful aroma of coffee you can also affect your emotions and moods.

You can add the eye opening scents of orange or rich spices to really give the coffee aroma that additional motivational “kick”; or you can add the sweet mellow tones of vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut to add to that warm comforting fragrance. The fragrance of coffee is the most recognizable, comforting, and warm fragrance and with the use of scented jar candles in the wonderful coffee fragrances is one that everyone, including non-coffee drinkers, can enjoy.

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