The K-Cup Coffee Maker: The KAISER for BREWING Your Own GOURMET Coffee

The K-Cup Coffee Maker: The KAISER for BREWING Your Own GOURMET Coffee

Coffee is one of the delightful luxuries and regular necessities in our daily lives. So why not get the most convenient and easy-to-use coffee machine that will brew various flavors of your favorite roasted beans every day. Reading based coffee machine manufacturer has introduced the K-cup coffee machine, that basically brews single cups of coffee, known as K-cups. K-cups are made of plastic cups filled with a balanced mixture of your favorite flavored coffee and sugar. You can also find sugarless K-cups as well.

K-cup coffee machines have successfully excelled in dominating single cup coffee brewing systems. Its versatility and functionality has made it the “most used” coffee machine in workplaces, exceeding 200,000 office installations in North America. K-Cup coffee makers are also popular in domestic households with about 12 million brewers purchased as of 2012.

So what makes the K-cup coffee machines so special? To answer this you must note that coffee is a basic commodity in our daily lives; hence the perfect combination of convenience and taste is required to satisfy the needs of regular coffee drinkers. The K-cup coffee system provides just that, enabling routes to greater satisfaction.

K-Cup coffee machines can brew any hot drink. You can choose from a long list of brands and flavors to choose from. Brands include big names like Twinings, Newman’s Own, Green Mountain, Wolfgang Puck and Gloria Jeans’ just to name a few. Flavors are diversified from traditional blends to beans roasted with sun kissed blueberries dried off in a buttery crust. You can choose from over 250 different flavors and blends. This extensive range allows you to taste the rarest blends, brewed in your own K-cup coffee machine in just under a minute.

The mechanism of the K-cup coffee machine is very simple and anyone can use it with ease. All you have to do is put in between the nozzles and put your mug underneath. Hot water at the required temperature will flow into the K-cup at great pressure, brewing the coffee with the utmost precision. The brewed coffee runs out though the other nozzle and dispenses your favored flavor of finely roasted beans into your mug. The coffee debris is left in the K-cup; hence there is absolutely nothing to clean up. All you have to do is just throw away the K-cups or stack them up in a convenient place until they are disposed of.

There are basically five types of K-cup coffee systems provided by Keurig:

1. B155: the most expensive model that has an interactive screen from which you can alter your serving portions, drink temperature and flavoring strengths. It is ideal in workplaces.

2. Platinum B70: the finest model for domestic use, featuring a 60 ounce reservoir and one touch screen controls allowing temperature control and serving portion size.

3. Special Edition B60: Contains a 48ounce reservoir and trimmed down options for serving portions and temperature control. This is ideal for low usage brewing and perfect for small offices and households.

4. Elite B40: Cost effective option providing a 48 ounce reservoir but with fewer alteration options than the B60. This model is ideal for student dorms.

5. Mini Plus B31: This is the cheapest deal Keurig offers, featuring three serving sizes and a one-time use reservoir. This is ideal for anyone drinking coffee.

You can get your K-cup coffee brewer from Keurig’s official website or at any superstore (i.e. Wal-Mart) or at any other third party websites or outlets. Check the comparison websites and Amazon for the best deals out there.

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