The Quarantine Plan by Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar May Sort Out Your Weekly Diet Woes

The healthy diet plan by Rujuta Diwekar may help keep us nourished.


  • We all are avoiding outside food and cooking healthy meals at home.
  • Rujuta Diwekar curated a full-fledged meal for a whole week.
  • The weekly meal plan includes healthy non-perishable foods.

Self-isolation, quarantine, social distancing, janta curfew – our life revolves around these nowadays in the wake of Novel Coronavirus scare. We are spending all our time at home, keeping ourselves healthy and safe by avoiding outside food and cooking healthy meals at home. “What should I cook today?” lurks around in our mind every day. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar helps us out here by curating a full-fledged meal plan for a whole week. The weekly meal plan or ‘The Quarantine Plan’ as she calls it includes a whole lot of grains, pulses, millets and spices, aimed at keeping us hale and hearty, while staying at home. 

“There’s a lot in our diverse culinary wisdom to offer you a variety of nutrients to last through the quarantine. I have tried to build a weekly meal plan using our non-perishables – Dals, grains, millets and spices. This plan will not just keep you well-nourished but also keep you in a positive frame of mind,” says Rujuta Diwekar.

Take a look at The Quarantine Diet Plan by Rujuta Diwekar:

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The everyday diet compiled by Rujuta lists out a number of nutritious dishes for 6 meals in a day – on rising, breakfast, mid-meal, lunch, evening mid-meal and early dinner. The plan also dishes out some workout tips that you can try easily at home. 

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Rujuta Diwekar adds, “Some of it is going to require learning and unlearning but that’s the silver lining of any crisis, if I may say so. That they force you to question what is important, what is worth learning and keeping in our homes, hearts and stomachs.”

The weekly plan suggested by Rujuta Diwekar surely looks well-thought of and could keeping ourselves nourished and perk up our fitness level too. 

Hopefully, you will emerge stronger, wiser and with the ability to see food for what it really is – not a sum total of carbs, protein and fat but love, nurture, health and harmony. So this is me, trying to answer that quintessential question – “aaj kya banau?”, signs off Rujuta Diwekar. 

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