The Ultimate Guide to Best Medium Roast Coffee

The Ultimate Guide to Best Medium Roast Coffee

Coffee roasting is a process that helps turn green beans of coffee into brown beans. The color and texture tell the difference between the green and roasted ones. The color of medium roast coffee is medium brown, and the bean surface has no oil on it. Also, tit tastes sweater compared to light roast and tend to be more acidic. Let’s find out more.

What is the origin of it?

This is the era of coffee. You can find a lot of shops that offer “specialty coffee” in the here and now. In fact, they can be found across the globe and serve curated menus to meet the needs of those who love roasted beans.

The coffee culture has gone through a lot of changes due to the advancement in the field of science and technology. Today, better farming practices have resulted in a lot better quality of the coffee. Apart from this, roasting techniques are a lot better, which is why they have streamlined the processes.

Now, medium roast is one of the most popular choices. As the name suggests, the beans are not roasted until they are dark. But you can still enjoy a great taste as the beans won’t be roasted too much.

Although dark roast is still popular, the new type of roasting is quite popular across the globe. Finally, the roasting style changed even more. Today, we have a type of coffee that’s called light roast.

The majority of specialty shops provide only medium to light versions. Their goal is to provide subtle yet natural flavors. In this approach, medium roast is like a “gateway coffee”, especially for dark roast lovers. Also, it provides dark roast flavors in combination with notes of grains, nuts and fruits.

What are Medium Roast Coffee Flavors?

Basically, the term “medium roast” may cause you to imagine three flavors: dark, light and the in-between version called medium roast. But it’s more than that.

In simple terms, medium roast refers to the funky kind of coffee roast. Also, it features the versatility and reliability of dark roast in addition to the playfulness of light roast.

In layman’s terms, it offers all the flavors you may expect in addition to the many exciting ones. So, you can have a great cup of coffee.


  • Nougat
  • Caramel
  • Brown sugar
  • Oats


  • Cashew
  • Peanut butter
  • Almond


  • Apple
  • Berries
  • Citrus

The texture of these can be like that of tea or cream. Apart from this, acidity can be juicy, syrupy, complex or delicate. This depends largely on the coffee source, and this is what adds interest and excitement to your coffee. As a matter of fact, the best flavor is what you strike a balance between body and acid.

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