These Amazingly Realistic Desserts By This British Chef Will Blow Your Mind!

From edible washing up sponge to ashtray pannacotta, Chef Ben Churchill’s mind-blowingly real-looking dishes are all the rage on social media. Presenting food is an art, but very few presentations inspire awe and amusement. Chef Churchill’s food illusions are so immaculately lifelike that you would think twice before digging in. In his book ‘Food Illusions’ by SRL Publishing house, Churchill has explained in length about his dishes and the techniques he adopts to make sure they are cut above the rest and incredibly realistic.

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For instance, his ‘beans and toast’ are made with the help of marzipan beans that are carefully placed atop a sponge cake and served with orange syrup. Amusing, right? Who would think combining such common ingredients could possibly give you something that is so uncannily real? Presenting desserts in a guise of inanimate objects is not a novel concept; people have been doing that for a while now. However, in his debut book, Chef Ben Churchill demystifies a variety of handy techniques that could come in handy for various budding chefs and baking enthusiasts. The bizarre desserts are sure to put plenty in a dilemma, but we are all up for innovation in food space.

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