These Drink Powders Turn Your Water Bottle Into Margarita Mix

When looking for a quick cocktail mixer, many of us turn to the bottled stuff. But it’s impossible to always have margarita mix on hand. Well, at least it was before we discovered these powdered drink mixers from Margaritaville.

Margaritaville Singles To Go Water Drink Mix


Margaritaville Singles To Go Water Drink Mix

Instagrammer @Dadbodsnacks spotted the Margaritaville Singles To Go drink mixes, and they could change everything about how you imbibe. You’ve probably used similar little individual packets of powder to give your bottle of water a touch more flavor, but now, with these, you can turn water into the perfect mixer.

They’ve been spotted in two flavors—margarita and daiquiri—and though they’re not alcoholic, you can easily mix them with tequila or rum for a perfect portable cocktail. I see this being a perfect thing to slip into your purse for emergencies (like pool party drinks) or to have handy in case you run out of regular mix.

While @Dadbodsnacks spotted these guys at Walgreens, they’re also available on Amazon, where they also come in a piña colada flavor. As if that wasn’t good enough, each mix is only five calories, which is pretty much the most low-cal mixer you could find.

You can pick up 72 packets of the stuff on Amazon for about $19 where it currently sits at a plum rating of five stars. All that’s left to do now is starting planning what you’ll put in them once they arrive.

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